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Top 10 other Reagan diary criticisms of Newt Gingrich

Despite Newt’s claim he worked closely with Ronald Reagan, the candidate took heat this week after opponents found a passage in the former president’s diary slamming his defense proposals. After perusing the diary further, we found 10 more instances in which Reagan was less than complimentary – and here they are!

10. “Something about the fellow makes me want to pound him again and again with a shovel.”

9. “During the meeting, Newt didn’t actually chew the jelly beans in my candy jar, he inhaled them like a vacuum cleaner.”

8. “I really don’t see what the lovely Mrs. Gingrich sees in him.  She’ll probably ditch him one of these days.”

7. “Thatcher was annoyed he kept grabbing her buttocks during the Congressional reception.”

6.  “How embarrassing – I talked to him for 20 minutes before finally realizing he wasn’t Phil Donahue.”

5.  “It really grinds my gears me when Gingrich tells me my policies aren’t Reagan-esque enough.”

4. “Could he be a vampire? For one thing I’ve never seen him during the day and he doesn’t cast reflections in mirrors…”

3. “I fear Gingrich’s views on ethanol subsidies would cause the Universe to collapse on itself and destroy all human life as we know it.”

2. “He thinks we should return to the moon. I’m all for it, as long as he’s on the first rocket ship.”

1. Should I be worried he bought Nancy a $50,000 ring from Tiffany’s?

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